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Orlando Hypnosis

Orlando Hypnosis Reviews

Looking for a Hypnotist in Orlando to help you? Well you had better know who is a pro and who is a waste of money!

Who is the best Hypnotist in Orlando? We found Daniel Olson to be the most highly regarded hypnotist in the Central Florida area, achieving results when others couldn’t, and ACTUALLY specializing in hypnosis… instead of being mediocre at 100 different services.

There are many newcomers to the space, but only Daniel has 25+ years of experience, is ICBCH certified, teaches true NLP in conjunction with hypnosis, and has the years of testimonials to back it up.

The most substantial differences between Daniel and the runners up, are his focus on honing his craft for DECADES. Yes, we said decades. Most all of the other Hypnotists in Orlando branch out into acupuncture, massage, aromatherapy, etc… While this is great, when you have a problem you really want to conquer, you need a specialist that excels in that one area to get the quickest results as easily as possible. Daniel Olson is that hypnosis practitioner for you if you live near the Orlando, FL area.

Using Hypnosis to Better Oneself

Just mention the word “hypnosis” and you’ll get all kinds of reactions from those you’re talking to. They might scoff, make a joke about Harry Houdini, or even relate an experience from some kind of magic show. And just reading these words probably conjures all sorts of images—spinning wheels, swinging pocket watches, a third eye, and a cheesy stage show involving a cape and lots of gesticulation.

But in this modern age, scientists, and people everywhere are beginning to realize the true potential of hypnosis, and the solutions it offers us. Many people search for years, to find an answer to the problems that vex them. And the truth is, by visiting a private, certified hypnotist can affect real change, and an increase in self esteem. The services of real hypnotist consultant can help aid attempts to lose weight, efforts to quit smoking, nail-biting, and can offer very effective options in relaxation exercise.

In this article, we will address several aspects of hypnosis, and talk about hypnosis options available top those in the Orlando Florida area especially.

Orlando Hypnosis

Just What Is Hypnosis Anyway?

Hypnosis is a centuries-old practice first explored by the Scottish surgeon James Braid in 1841. Rather than a type of sleep, as many suppose it to be, modern research has found hypnosis to be a fully awake state, only where the subject is focused on an extremely small area of awareness. With the proper training, hypnosis can be self induced (self hypnosis) and also accomplished by a trained hypnotist.

Hypnosis as therapy (hypnotherapy) grew to be medically accepted in the late 20th century. Most notably, in 1995, the NIH (National Institute for Health) put together an official statement regarding hypnosis called, “Integration of Behavioral & Relaxation Approaches into the Treatment of Chronic Pain & Insomnia,” which gave positive views as to the effects of hypnosis in the treatment of pain and insomnia.

Later, in 1999, the British Medical Journal (BMJ) concluded that “There is strong evidence from randomized trials of the effectiveness of hypnosis and relaxation for cancer related anxiety, pain, nausea, and vomiting, [side effects of chemotherapy] particularly in children” (, and in 2001, the British Psychological Society published a report called The Nature of Hypnosis, where they said, “Hypnosis is a valid subject for scientific study and research and a proven therapeutic medium”

In a nutshell, a hypnotherapist brings about a hypnotic state in the patient, with the end of altering behavior, or increasing motivation to change, when they hypnotize the patient. This means that the hypnotic state, whether induced by CDs available online, or by a credible Orlando hypnotist, such as Daniel Olson, or Susan Dill, allows the hypnotist to help the patient make a change in their life in a positive way.

Where Can I Find a Hypnotist in Orlando?

Finding a hypnotist is as easy as typing the word itself into Google. You will see numerous online links to web sites for hypnotists. There are a few things you should be sure of before choosing the right hypnotist for you. Below you’ll find a few guidelines to choosing a hypnotist.

  1. Be sure that your hypnotist is certified by a reputable organization, the National Board for Certified Clinical Hypnotherapists, for example.
  2. Find a hypnotherapist that works for your specific issue. It’s important to remember that privacy is important to your hypnotherapist, just as it is to you. For a list of Florida hypnotherapists, and the areas they specialize in, click the following link:
  3. Make sure that the therapist is within your specific price range. Take a look at your budget, and look for an option that is priced for you.
  4. Talk with the therapists on the phone and in person to be sure they are a person you can work well with. Getting over difficult problems itself is a difficult practice, and you want to be certain that you’ll feel comfortable spending a lot of time with this person. Be sure that you both are able to work on the same terms.
  5. Act today! Don’t wait to have the life you desire to have. Now is the time to choose to be who you want to be. This stuff matters.

Orlando Hypnosis

What Can I Expect In My First Session?
With hypnotherapy, you are taking your first steps toward wellness, and your hypnotherapist has set up a business centered on that need. He or she is there for you, and it is important that you learn to trust him or her. While you will find that most hypnotherapy sessions have many similar aspects, each hypnotherapist has developed a specific technique that is unique to his or her practice. Regardless of the type of practice that you choose to be right for you, there are a few things you can do to make sure that you get the most out of your fist session of hypnotherapy. You could write a whole book on this subject, here we’ve condensed that into a few steps.

  1. Relax. This is like a visit to any medical professional, and there is nothing to be afraid of. Before entering the office, take a few moments to collect your thoughts and to reach a calm, cool state.
  2. Hypnosis requires little physical relaxation. Really, it is more about mental relaxation. The hypnotherapist his or herself cannot relax you, but will guide you towards that state of relaxation to be able to hypnotize you.
  3. Simply decide that you are going to be the best hypnosis patient, ever. The truth is, you are in control of the session, and need only make the simple, yet effective, choice to let this work.

Remember, the choice is yours to make hypnotherapy work. It has been used for ages to help others, and it can help you. From weight loss to fears, from quitting cigarettes to increased business performance, hypnotherapists offer a simple, and effective, way to become who you’d like to become. There are several options available for you, and by following the previously mentioned steps, you should be able to find the right hypnotherapist for your needs. And again, we suggest Daniel Olson if you’re looking for Orlando Hypnosis.

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